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Staff Directory
Ball Early Childhood Center
First Name Last Name Title Email Address Website
Carrie Achay PK 4-Teacher (HeadStart) Teacher Website
Jobie Alexius PPCD-Teacher Teacher Website
Sonia Balderas PK 4-Instructional Aide (HeadStart)
Tammy Bennett PK 4-Teacher Teacher Website
Patricia Berard Librarian
Tamatha Bermea PPCD-Instructional Aide
Sally Bermea PK 4-Instructional Aide (HeadStart)
Rachel Bloxham Grant Family Engagement
Megan Brock PK 4-Instructional Aide
Katie Chabot PK 3-Teacher Teacher Website
Cindy Cramer Secretary
Beverly Deleon Grant Behavior Specialist
Brittany DeRemer PK 3-Teacher Teacher Website
Yvonne Diaz PK 4-Teacher Teacher Website
Merci Elizalde Computer Technologist Teacher Website
Sylvia Escamilla PK 3-Instructional Aide
Andrea Favela PPCD-Instructional Aide
Laura Flack Principal
Tamra Gass-Poore PK 4-Instructional Aide (HeadStart)
Mary Gonzales Attendance Clerk
Christa Green PK 4-Teacher (HeadStart) Teacher Website
Kimberly Guerrero PK 4-Teacher (HeadStart) Teacher Website
Michelle Hale PPCD-Teacher Teacher Website
Noemi Hernandez PPCD-Teacher Teacher Website
Donna Hill PPCD-Instructional Aide
Sarah Kent PPCD-Teacher Teacher Website
Vanessa Lerma PK 4-Instructional Aide
Sarai Lopez PK 4-Teacher Teacher Website
Kari Luera PK 4-Teacher (HeadStart) Teacher Website
Ester Maldonado PK 4-Instructional Aide
Laura Martinez PK 4-Teacher Teacher Website
Alice Martinez PK 4-Instructional Aide (HeadStart)
Courtney McLaughlin Grant Speech Therapist
Moranda Mendez Family Specialist
Sonia Mendez PK 4-Instructional Aide (HeadStart)
Dee Molina PK 4-Teacher (HeadStart)
Rhonda Moore Nurse
Yolanda Moreno PK 3-Teacher (Bilingual) Teacher Website
Melissa Moss PK 3-Instructional Aide
Heather Nance PK 4-Teacher Teacher Website
Jeanene Nickerson PK 3-Teacher Teacher Website
Tiffany Pennypacker Grant Coordinator
Marissa Points PPCD-Instructional Aide
Vanessa Ramirez PK 4-Teacher (HeadStart) Teacher Website
Ashley Ramon PK 4-Instructional Aide (HeadStart)
Debra Reiley Instructional Coach
Cristina Reyes PPCD-Instructional Aide
Eva Rodriguez PK 4-Instructional Aide
Monica Ruhnow PK 4-Teacher (HeadStart) Teacher Website
Michelle Saenz Counselor
Maria Sandoval PK 4-Instructional Aide
Barbara Swanson PK 4-Teacher (HeadStart) Teacher Website
Brenda Tabares Family Specialist
Tracy Tate PPCD-Teacher Teacher Website
Adriana Trevino PK 4-Instructional Aide (HeadStart)
Juanita Varela PK 4-Instructional Aide (HeadStart)
Edith Vargas PK 4-Teacher(Bilingual) Teacher Website
Lisa Watts Social Worker
Emily Weaver PPCD-Instructional Aide
Destiny Zapata PK 3-Instructional Aide
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