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Kelly Hallmark

Fine Arts 

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Welcome to my class! My name is Kelly Hallmark, and I teach Fine Arts at A. J. Briesemeister. I have been teaching within the district, all right here at A.J.B., since 1997. I have a Bachelor's from the University of Texas at Austin, my teaching certificate from UT- Arlington, and a Master's degree in education from Texas State. 

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at

8:10 a.m. - 3:40 p.m.



Daily Schedule

1st Period Art 3- 8:10 - 8:59

2nd Period Conference- 9:03 - 9:52

3rd Period Art 3- 9:56 - 10:45

4th Period Art 2- 10:49 - 11:38

Lunch (7th)- 11:38 - 12:08

5th Period Art 2- 12:12 - 1:01

6th Period Art 2- 1:05 - 1:54

7th Period Art 2- 1:54 - 2:47

8th Period Art 2- 2:51 - 3:40


Art Club every Friday until 5:00!

Important Documents

Classroom Procedures/Expectations

  • Listen to instructors/peers when they are talking.
  • Work quietly to allow others to concentrate.
  • Minimize movement in the room for safety.
  • Have materials so we can all start on time.
  • No food, gum/candy, or drinks to protect our work.

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School Supplies

Art 2 and 3- pencil (everyday!)


                    colored pencils


                    watercolor sets


                    lined paper

       Optional: colored pens, scissors, canvasses, other supplies for second semester as students desire