All students at Rodriguez Elementary may checkout library books.  Please see the information below to find out how many books each grade level may checkout at a time, as well as other library information.


Kinder & 1st - 2 books

2nd - 5th - 3-4 books


Kinder, 1st and 2nd grade students come to the library once a week on a scheduled day. Please check with your child, or your child's teacher, to find out what day this is.  Students will exchange their books for new ones on these days.  However, students should bring their books to school everyday to read in the morning and throughout the day.


3rd-5th grade students may come into the library when they visit with their class every other week, or when they have finished reading their books.  


Lost/Damaged Books - 


Students are expected to bring their books to school each day.  If a book is damaged, your child needs to bring the book to me right away.  I will do everything I can to repair the book for others to check out.  Please do not try to repair the book at home.  

If a library book is damaged and cannot be repaired, or lost, your child will be responsible for paying for the book so it may be replaced.  Fines may be paid off in installments or paid in full.  Students will not be able to checkout the full amount of books until the fine is satisfied.  

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