Welcome to the Rodriguez Elementary Library!  


My name is Jackie Silvius and I have been a Seguin ISD librarian since 2010.  I received my Bachelor's Degree in Education with a Minor in Art from Texas Lutheran University.  In 2010, I completed my Master's Degree in Library Science from the University of North Texas.  


I am looking forward to another great year sharing my love of books and learning with your child.  


Library Hours:



7:30 am - 4:00 pm


Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions.


Phone:  830-401-8770



All students at Rodriguez Elementary may checkout library books.  Please see the information below to find out how many books each grade level may checkout at a time, as well as other library information.


Kinder & 1st - 2 books

2nd - 5th - 3 books


Kinder and 1st grade students come to the library once a week on a scheduled day. Please check with your child or your child's teacher to find out what day this is.  Students will exchange their books for new ones on these days.  However, students should bring their books to school everyday to read in the morning and throughout the day.


2nd-5th grade students may come into the library when they have tested on their books.  


Lost/Damaged Books - 


Students are expected to bring their books to school each day.  If a book is damaged, your child needs to bring the book to me right away.  I will do everything I can to repair the book for others to check out.  Please do not try to repair the book at home.  

If a library book is damaged and cannot be repaired, or lost, your child will be responsible for paying for the book so it may be replaced.  Fines may be paid off in installments or paid in full.  Students will not be able to checkout the full amount of books until the fine is satisfied.  

In order to encourage students to read a variety of books we offer the following programs in the library.


Name that Book (NTB)

Name that Book is a reading program available to 3rd-5th graders.  

Students in this club read books from a list of books that have been preselected by the librarians in the district.  Teams will be formed at the end of the year, and each team will compete against each other to see who knows the most quotes from the books.  At the end of the year, the winning team from Rodriguez will get to participate in a District meet where all elementary schools will compete.

In order to be a member of a Name that Book team, students will have to read 3 chapter books from the Name that Book list and score a 70% or better on the AR quiz.  Each team will have a coach and will meet about 1-2 times per month.  No after school meetings are required.  The Rodriguez competition will be held mid-May and the District meet later in the month.

Book Fairs

Each year, Rodriguez will host 2 Scholastic Book Fairs.  The money the library earns from these goes towards purchasing books for the library.  

I encourage you to come in and visit to build your child's home library.  The dates for this year's book fairs are listed below:

Fall Book Fair

November 14 - 18


Spring Book Fair

March 6 - 10


Rodriguez Millionaire Word Club

Students who read 1 Million words, have made all 6 AR goals and have a 90% or better average, will be part of the Rodriguez Millionaire Word Club!

Students will be given a t-shirt and a bookmark the Friday after they become a Millioniare during morning assembly.  At the end of the year, all Millionaires in the District will be taken to the TLU Pool to enjoy a day of fun, pizza and dessert.  


Rodriguez Point Club

Students who earn 300 or more points, have made all 6 AR goals, and have an 85% or better average will be part of the Rodriguez 300 Point Club!

Students will be announced in morning assembly the Friday after they have earned 300 points and will also attend the TLU Pool party at the end of the year.

Accelerated Reader, AR, is a reading program designed to help your child build fluency. A fluent reader is "one whose decoding processes are automatic, requiring no conscious attention" (  When a reader is fluent, he/she can focus his/her attention on comprehending, or understanding, what the text is about, not on sounding out words.


How AR works:

2nd-5th grade students have taken a STAR test in AR that helps determine what their reading level is.  Teachers then take this information and list the reading level on each students reading log.  The teacher will also give students a point goal to work towards during each goal period.  This information will be found at the top of your child's AR Reading Log.


Students will then come to the Library to choose books on their level.  After filling out the reading log completely for one book, the student will then read each book the following number of times, depending on which kind of book it is:


Picture books & Non-Fiction books - 3 times


ER Chapter books - 2 times


Chapter books - 1 time


Each time your child reads his/her book at home, please sign their AR folder under the "Parent/Teacher" section on their reading log.  When they have read the book the required number of times, the student may test on their book.  Students accumulate points throughout the goal period and work towards several different rewards throughout the year.