Anna G. Hernandez


Language Arts/Reading  3rd Grade 


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Hello, my name is Anna Hernandez.  I am a 3rd grade bilingual teacher at Vogel Elementary School.  I have been teaching since 2001, and I have been a Seguin teacher since 2010.  I am a graduate of Texas A&M International University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics and Spanish.  I am certified General and Bilingual Early Childhood-4th.  You may contact me via email or by calling 830-379-4231.  My conference period is from 9:40-10:30 am.  

Hello, here are some reminders for our 3rd grade Reading class.

Absences:  If your child is absent, please call or send a note to teacher or attendance clerk.  Your child will need to make up any assignments that will be for a grade.

Behavior Policy:  We have 3 rules in our school; Be respectful, Be responsible, and Be safe.  Your child will be given 2 warnings before getting a note/call home.  Students will be rewarded when they follow the expectations.

Homework:  Students will have homework on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for our Guided Reading section.  Sometimes they might bring incomplete assignments to finish at home.  Students will receive a spelling list to study. 

IStation:  IStation is a program that helps our students get ready for the STAAR in Reading.  It is very important for them to be on a Tier 1.  This program places our students in 3 tiers: Tier 1 means that the student is on grade level; Tier 2 means that the student is behind half a year or so; Tier 3 means that the student needs a lot of practice.  Our goal is for all students to be on Tier 1.  If your student needs extra practice, he/she will be taking some IStation lessons home.  They are simple.  All you have to do is follow the instructions and complete the lesson with your child. Your child will be rewarded for returning the lessons completed.

AR:  At Vogel, we believe in the AR program.  Every six weeks students need to meet their goal.  The goal is set by the teacher based on their AR assessment score.  Students are expected to read their books 3 times and test with a score of 85% in comprehension.  We have a lot of incentives for them for completing their goal.  Please help your child enjoy these rewards by reading their AR books at least once a day at home.  If they don't read at home, they will fall behind and might not complete their goal.

Grading Policy:  Students will receive grades in 3rd grade.  Students will be given the opportunity to complete make-ups and make corrections on falling grades when needed.  The student will need at least a 70% to have a passing grade.  

A's = 100-90

B's = 89-80

C's = 79-70

F's = 69 and below

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 830-379-4231 or email at

Thank you for your support!

Daily Schedule

Hernandez: L.A/Reading/Writing/S.S.


8:00-9:00            Guided Reading

9:00-9:20            Shared Reading

9:20-9:40            Word Study

9:40-10:30          Specials (Conference)

10:30-11:20        Intervention

11:20-11:40        Social Studies

11:40-12:10        Lunch

12:10-12:35        Writing


12:35-12:40       Switch Classes

12:40-1:40          Guided Reading

1:40-2:00            Shared Reading

2:00-2:20            Word Study

2:20-2:40            Social Studies 

2:40-3:05            Writing

3:05-3:30            Recess/Dismissal