Delia Molina

Pre-K Bilingual Teacher

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Welcome to my classroom.  I teach Pre-Kindergarten students at Ball Early Childhood.  I teach in a Bilingual Head Start Full Day Program.  I have been teaching for over 30 years.  I graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor's in Education and Master's in Educational Administration.  My email address is and you make contact me here at anytime. 

Mrs. Molina   Daily Schedule

7:30-8:00                Greet Students

8 -8:10                     Circle Time: Select Class Helpers, Pledge to both flags,

School Song, and review champs and class rules as needed.

8:10-8:30                Breakfast

8:30-8:45                 ABC ‘s,  ABC Linking Chart, and/or ISIP lesson  

8:15-8:30                 Vocabulary  Building (ISIP related or CLIengage voc.)

9-9:45                      Planning time  (*Students in specials and recess for 15 minutes)

9:45- 10                   Bathrooms / Water/transition to room

10:00-10:55          Language Arts: Group 1 and 2 

10:55-11                 Transition to lunch (*Bathrooms and wash hands before lunch.)

11-11:30                 Lunch

11:30-12                 Bathrooms/Tooth brushing / Transition to room

12-1                         Nap

1-1:45                      Language Arts

1:45-2                      ESL through Music Movement

2-2:30                      Math and/or  Science

2:30-2:45                Snack/ Good Health Habits

2:45-3                      End of Day sharing, pass out homework folders, and check name tags.

3:05                          Dismiss Bus Riders

3:15                          Car Riders to benches. 

Estimados Padres,

    Yo estoy muy orgullosa de ser la maestra de su hijo o hija.  Es muy importante que Ud. mandé la mochila con la carpeta roja todos los días. En la carpeta roja va la tarea y avisos de la escuela.  La mochila también tiene la etiqueta con la información que necesita el chofer del autobús.  


                                La Sra. Molina

Fechas Importantes

 jueves, 15 de diciembre  

Programa del Osito   9:45 am

Recibe abrazos Hanani y Leonardo

viernes, 16 de diciembre

10-10:30 Actividad de Head Start

11-11:30 Fiesta de Navidad