Gary Williamson

CTE Welding I

SHS - C111

I grew up in eastern New Mexico, working on our family ranch and feedyard backgrounding pens. If something needed to be fixed or built, we'd usually first try to do it ourselves. My dad's theory on welding was to make it strong and get it done - it did not need to be pretty.


For the last several years I have been building custom spurs, buckles and jewelry. Now my welding does need to be pretty, but I'll keep following the rest of dad's advice - it still needs to be strong and done too.


My wife and I live in San Antonio, where she works with SAISD. Our daughter is all grown up and is a school social worker in Boston MA.


Spur-making will be a hobby now, but I am still building some. I like to read and draw and am a big animation fan - especially Pixar.


I have an Ag Business Management BS from New Mexico State University.