Mr. Robinson

Mr. Robinson


"Let's make some music!"


H E L L O !


I'm Mr. Robinson and I am the Music Teacher at Jefferson Avenue Elementary School. I have the BEST job in the whole school district! (Don't tell the other teachers. They might get a wee bit jealous!)

I think I love teaching music so much because it is so amazingly important, and because music changed my life!  ...I can't even imagine a life without music...


I hope that you will sing and dance and laugh, and learn to play an instrument some day.

...Once upon a time there was a life that was changed FOREVER by music!


> > > If you would like to look at videos of a dedicated group of musicians known as Jefferson Drum Company,     click HERE, or HERE, or even HERE.   ...or THERE!


> > > If you would like to listen to "Down In the River to Pray," a piece I arranged for Hill Country Brass, you can click HERE.


> > > If you would like to send me an email, you can do so...    HERE!


Check 'em out!



JDC - Jefferson Drum Company: "Musical Makers"


SISD Fine Arts - Take a look at ALL the Fine Arts possibilities in our school district! (There is something for EVERY child!)


DSO Kids - Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids Page: GREAT music activities for kids!


tuba4u - My website for tuba players! L O T S of free music!


Keep the Beat - Free online metronome!


TRIO - This is a piece that I wrote for a trumpet, a horn, and a tuba (of course!) called The Cat the Rat and the Crooked Tail Dog. The trumpet is the cat. The horn is the rat. And the tuba is the crooked tail dog. (Trio means three musicians... or three of anything, really.)