Monica Avalos


4th Grade


Contact Me

Hello, my name is Monica Avalos and welcome to Vogel! I teach 4th grade Math and Science at Vogel Elementary.  I have taught in Seguin ISD since 2002 and at Vogel since 2002.


I received my Bachelor's degree in Education from Southwest Texas State University in 2002.  Currently, I am working towards completing a Master's program at Lamar University.


My certifications include teaching first grade through sixth grade.


Please feel free to contact me using the link to the left or by emailing me at


Have a great year!!


Fourth Grade Schedule for Avalos' Homeroom

7:50 First bell rings

8:00 Tardy bell rings/class begins

8:00-9:20 Math

9:20-10:15 Specials

10:15-11:00 Intervention

11:00-11:40 Math(continue)/Begin Science

11:40-12:10 Lunch

12:10-12:35 Science

12:35-12:50 Switch Classes/Recess

12:50-2:15 Reading

2:15-2:30 Recess

2:30-3:30 Writing/Texas History

3:30 Dismissal 


Be Responsible

*Look, listen carefully, and follow directions

*Be prepared with materials

*Do what the teachers asks

Be Respectful

*Raise hand and wait to be called on

*Listen to others

*Not hurt or bother otherspage5image4184 page5image4344

Be Safe

*Follow all safety and school rules

*Keep hands and feet to oneself



Good notes

Phone call home




2 Warnings

Loss of privileges and behavior note written on calendar.

Phone call home

Office referral/principal visit
(Severe disruption/behavior: go directly to principal’s office.) 


*Always bring your calendar and other materials to class.


*Don't forget to bring back to school any notes, papers, or assignments.


Any classwork that is not finished will be sent home to complete.

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