William Joseph Bochat III
Digital Media
Game Design

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Welcome to my classroom. My name is William Bochat. I teach Animation, Digital Media, and Game Design. I received my Bachelor's Degree at Incarnate Word University. I also received the Top Animator award and graduated top of my class with honors.

Please feel free to contact me by email: wbochat@seguin.k12.tx.us

1: Animation 1

2: Digital Media

3: Conference

4: Game Program Design

5: Animation 1 w/ Lab & Animation 2 w/ Lab

6: Animation 1 w/ Lab & Animation 2 w/ Lab

7: Animation 1

Digital Media
Digital and Interactive Multimedia is a survey of the theories, elements, and hardware/ software components of multimedia. Topics include digital image editing, digital sound and video editing, animation, and interactive presentations. Emphasis is on conceptualizing and producing effective multimedia presentations. Software used in the course is the Adobe Creative Suite of media products. 

Animation 1
In Animation I with Lab, students will learn the history of Animation, principles of Animation and the various forms of Animation, specifically 2D and 3D Animation. Students will use Autodesk Maya and the Adobe Creative suite to create 3D animation models and produce short films. Careers in animation span all aspects of motion graphics. Within this context, in addition to developing technical knowledge and skills needed for success in the Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications Career Cluster, students will be expected to develop an understanding of the history and techniques of the animation industry. NOTE: This is a 1-period course and should only be taken by third year students who do not have a 2-period block available to take the Animation 1 with Lab course. 

Animation 2 
In Animation II, students will build upon the knowledge and skills of the animation courses and continue to delve deeper into the 2D and 3D fields of Animation to including rigging character models, developing backgrounds and environments and producing completed animation products. Careers in animation span all aspects of motion graphics. The instruction also assists students seeking careers in the animation industry. Students are encouraged to participate in extended learning experiences such as career and technical student organizations and other leadership or extracurricular organizations. 

Game Design
Video Game Design will allow students to explore one of the largest industries in the global marketplace and the new emerging careers it provides in the field of technology. Students will learn gaming, computerized gaming, evolution of gaming, artistic aspects of perspective, design, animation, technical concepts of collision theory, and programming logic. Students will participate in a simulation of a real video game design team while developing technical proficiency in constructing an original game design. Please note that this course is an immersed study into the theory and practical back-end construction and development of video games. The focus of this course will not be that of game-playing or beta testing new games. This course will be offered beginning with the 2018-2019 school year. 

3D Modeler
Environmental Artist
Character Rigging



Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor's Degree