Apply For College
  • The Texas College Guidebook is free to all students. It is an interactive guide containing over 2300 links and 80+ videos.
  • The Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation provides a list of colleges and universities in the State of Texas, admission requirements, total expenses for an academic year, financial aid data and related information, helpful hints to the college bound, together with a Calendar of various scholarship deadlines arranged by months.
  • Texas Universities Application Information

    This is a list that provides application information for several Texas Universities. This information includes mailing addresses, phone numbers, websites, application fees, and deadlines.
  • ApplyTexas is a one-stop shop for applying to a public university or community college in Texas.

    On ApplyTexas you can accomplish a multitude of tasks including:

    Apply for admission to any Texas public university, as well as to participating community and private colleges.
    Apply for undergraduate, international and graduate admission.
    Copy a submitted application to another institution.
    Submit your application essays online.
    Apply for scholarships from participating universities.
    Search for and view both general and university specific information.

    If you have questions about the online application, check out the instructions for applying.

    Quick link: Contact the individual college or school's admissions office if you have questions about a specific Texas college or school's admissions process
  • College For All Texans is designed to help prospective students gather the information they need to attend college. It contains a wealth of information.

    Here are just a few of the topics that are covered:

    · Tests you need to take to go to college.

    · How to pay for tuition

    · How to apply for financial aid.

    Quick Link: Use this online map to locate a college near you or to see all colleges and universities in the State of Texas.